3purpleruntnewThe latest in the Runt stun guns are available now. It is a compact 10 million volt model with led light, disable pin wrist strap with a rubberized coating and free holster. According to the manufacturer, this model puts out 4.5 milliamps of stopping power. This model is expected to sell out FAST and there may be a delay after the first batch sells out before more are available. It is available in black, pink and purple. Just click on the picture above to see all the Runt stun guns now.



The New Barracuda BC-37 Stun Gun

Some of the best stun guns on the planet just got better with the release of the new Barracuda BC-37 3.7 million volt rechargeable stun gun. The hugely popular hot selling Barracuda BC-30 stun gun got an improvement with the release of this latest model. The Barracuda BC-37 stun gun has all of the same features of their prior BC30 model, except now it is a full 3.7 million volts. This new Barracuda BC-37 stun gun model features a  rubber coating for a better grip, a long life NI-MH rechargeable battery with a built-in wall charger, a safety switch with one touch operation, a red LED power on light, a safety disable pin wrist strap, a durable nylon weave holster with belt loop and a five-year warranty that covers the entire unit. Best of all, the Barracuda BC-37 stun gun still comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

The manufacturer of this stun gun believes in and stands behind their product. No questions asked. They want all of their users to be 100% satisfied with owning their brand of stun gun. We have been dealing with this manufacturer for some time, and this is something that we know from experience. Barracuda stun guns is a brand that we plan on carrying as long as we remain in the self defense business.

Barracuda BC-37 Stun Gun Features And Technical Specs

  • 3.7 Million Volts/3700KV
  • Long life NI-MH rechargeable battery with built-in wall plug-in charger – 110 VOLT.
  • Safety switch with one touch operation.
  • A Red LED light comes on when the stun gun is powered.
  • Safety/disable pin with wrist loop.
  • Rubber coating for a better grip.
  • Durable nylon weave holster with belt loop.
  • Compact in size: 3 ¾” X 2 ¼” X 1”
  • 5 year warranty that covers the entire unit.
  • All Barracuda stun guns average 4.5 milliamps.



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The Barracuda BC-37 Stun Gun!

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The New Pink Runt Stun Guns Are Here!

For All of you ladies out there that would like a personal protection device that will protect you in a dangerous encounter and be fashionable too, the popular Runt 4.5 million volt stun gun and Runt 4.5 million volt rechargeable stun gun now come in pink. These pink Runt stun guns have all the same features as the original Runt models, but are pink. The pink Runt stun gun can even be worn like a pager with the included nylon belt loop holster. All of the Runt stun guns are capable of taking an attacker down, giving you time to get away and run to safety.

pink runt stun gun
pink runt stun guns banner

pink runt rechargeable stun gun

Pink Runt Stun Guns Additional Information:

Both pink Runt stun gun models come with a lifetime warranty. The suggested retail price of the Pink Runt 4.5 million volt stun gun is $59.95 and the suggested retail of the Pink Runt 4.5 million volt rechargeable stun gun is $69.95. You can get  both Pink Runt stun guns on sale now at ExtremeDefenseShop.com . Watch the Runt stun gun video below and click on the pictures of each Pink Runt stun gun for more information!

Pink Runt Stun Guns Related Video:

Runt Stun Gun Video

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Choosing A Self Defense Weapon

There are many things to consider when choosing a self defense weapon. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of available options and things that need to be considered when choosing a personal self defense item or non-lethal weapon. You have to consider what self defense weapon is legal to own in your area, personal preferences as well as limitations and strengths of each of the self defense weapons available. There are stun guns, pepper spray, personal alarms, kubotans and other self defense options such as martial arts training and techniques. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, and sometimes a combination of methods and self defense weapons is the best plan for personal self defense.

self defense weapons

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Self Defense Weapon Considerations

Most non-lethal self defense weapons and devices are legal in most areas; however, a stun gun is a self defense weapon that is restricted or sometimes totally banned in a handful of states which limits your available options in those areas. Stun guns are totally banned or restricted in HI, MA, MI, NY, NJ, WI, RI, IL,  and CT. Local governments like the city of Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore & Howard County MD., or Crawford County Iowa are known areas with bans or restrictions. In addition, although pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, some states have restrictions on the amount that can be carried as well as the strength and concentration of the pepper spray that is allowed.

There are stun guns, pepper spray, personal alarms, kubotan self defense keychains, and martial arts training to consider for realistic ways to protect yourself with a self defense weapon. Stun guns can be held to just about any part of an attacker’s body and the current can even pass through clothing, but you must come in direct contact with your attacker to stun him with it. If your attacker pulls it away from you then it can be used against you. Some, but not all of them come with disable pins connected to wrist straps. If they are pulled away from you the disable pin is pulled out and the stun gun can’t be used. Pepper spray is a legal self defense weapon in all 50 states, although some states have restrictions on it. The advantage is that you do not have to get very close to your attacker to use it, but the effective target area is limited to the face and you must make sure to make your sprays count. Personal alarms are great in that they are legal everywhere and you do not have to come close to an attacker to use them, but if there is nobody around that can hear it, it becomes a useless self defense weapon to protect yourself. A Kubotan self defense keychain is a legal self defense weapon just about anywhere in the US, but might not be as effective as a good spray of pepper in the face of an attacker or a stun gun leaving your attacker on the ground. These self defense weapons can require a little bit of practice or training to be effective whereas pepper spray and stun guns require much less practice or training. Martial arts training is excellent because it does not require you to carry any kind of self defense weapon, but of course this is going to take the most training and time to master. There are various self defense fighting videos on the market which can teach a few easy to master moves that anyone can use to defend themselves. This might be the best way to go for someone looking to master some basic self defense moves, but is not looking for a long time or life long hobby of formal martial arts training.


Self Defense Weapon Strategy

Probably the best strategy is to have a combination of self defense weapons or tactics that you can use to defend yourself if the need ever arises. Some hardened criminals have been known to become more or less desensitized or almost immune from pepper spray from being sprayed so many times. Someone like this may need a follow up with a stun from a stun gun to ward them off.  Which ever self defense weapon you choose, it should be something that you feel comfortable and confident using.

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cell phone best self defense weapon

Your Best Self Defense Weapon

Less than 24 hours ago, I found myself in a dangerous situation while taking a 3 mile walk for some exercise. Less than a mile from my residence a stranger unexpectedly came from behind and asked if I was “looking for something”. “No” I replied and kept walking, but that did not satisfy him. Apparently he did not like that I was walking through his neighborhood (which also happens to be my neighborhood) and wanted to “kick my a%&” for it. I told him I was from the area and just out for a walk. He said he saw me walk by. I told him that he needed to mind his own business and this really set him off. He started pursuing me faster and I began to prepare to defend myself. Then I remembered my cell phone. I took it out as I walked, dialed 911 and then stopped. As the phone was ringing on the other end I held up my phone to show my would be attacker that I just dialed 911. I told him that I just dialed 911 and asked him if he wanted to go to jail.  This stopped him dead in his tracks. I asked him again, this time yelling in a firmer voice, “Do you wanna go to jail?”. He then began quickly taking off in the other direction. It was the coolest thing in the world. It was just like my cell phone had turned into a remote control for me to use on this thug. Don’t get me wrong, I was carrying a self defense weapon that I could have used on this thug, but even pepper spray, self defense key chains and stun guns should only be used as a last resort. I’ll never do any walking or jogging without at least carrying some pepper spray. Personal alarms can also come in handy in scaring off a potential attacker.

The most important thing is to remain calm. I never had any fear whatsoever of this punk and knew that I would somehow be able to control the situation. You have to be smart in a situation like this. If you can be smarter than a potential attacker then you have a good chance of coming out on top. There is a certain low level of intelligence that comes from the guy that wants to attack you because you are walking through his neighborhood. Use this fact against him and you should be alright.


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 The New Stun Master Hot Shot Stun Gun

stun master hot shot stun gun

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The popular Stun Master Hot Shot stun gun has just been improved. The once powerful 975,000 volt stun gun just got upgraded to an even more powerful 4.5 million volt shocker. The new Stun Master Hot Shot stun gun is still only about 3 inches long and looks similar to a blackberry or other hand held device. The small size makes it very easy to conceal and can be worn with it’s included nylon holster just like a pager. Nobody will know you are packing close to 5 million volts on your belt.  With a full 4.5 million volts, this awesome personal protection weapon is sure to leave anyone foolish enough to attack you drooling in agony. The New Stun Master Hot Shot 4.5 million volt stun gunis made by Stun Master which has been a leading brand in the stun gun industry since 1994.

Stun Master Hot Shot Stun Gun Additional Information

This weapon comes with a safety on/off switch, red light that tells you it is ready to fire, a nylon holster, 3 CR123A lithium batteries and a lifetime warranty. It’s suggested retail price of only $64.95 makes this affordable personal protection for any budget. Just check out the video below on this new handy non-lethal self defense weapon.

The New Stun Master Hot Shot Stun Gun Related Video

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personal alarm

Personal Alarm Protection

Probably the most non-lethal self defense and personal safety item that can be carried today is the personal alarm. Although it is usually not thought of as a weapon, personal alarms can be very effective tools in defending oneself and deterring crime.

There are many reasons why a personal alarm should be a part of any person’s personal safety arsenal. They are inexpensive, easy to carry in a pocket or purse and require absolutely no training on their use. Some people may also be more comfortable knowing that they are carrying something that can and will not be used against them. Personal alarms can also be used effectively in combination with other forms of non-lethal protection and weapons such as pepper spray or stun guns. Sounding a personal alarm and spraying an attacker in the eyes and face with pepper spray will send most attackers running for fear of getting caught. The most important thing to think about in a potentially life threatening self defense situation is to get away from your attacker. A loud and piercing 100 db to 130 db battery operated personal alarm could be all you need. Watch the video on the personal alarm with flashlight:


Personal Alarm With Light:




There are also personal alarms that use compressed air like the screecher style alarms. Watch the video:

The Mace Brand Screecher Personal Alarm:


Some Of The More Popular Personal Alarms Available On The Market Today:

 personal alarms

You must be aware that a personal alarm is only effective when there are other people in the vicinity to hear it and come to your aid. Obviously if your car breaks down on the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere, a personal alarm will have little to no effect if there is nobody within the area to hear it. A situation like this will call for the type of weapon that will take your attacker down long enough to get away.

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wildfire pepper spray 1.5 ounce keychain

Wildfire Pepper Spray

When it comes to sheer stopping power in a pepper spray, nothing comes close to the Wildfire line of 18% 0leo resin capsicum sprays.wildfire pepper spray keychain pink Wildfire pepper spray truly is HOT, HOT, HOT. This spray is made from a OC pepper formula that is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-lethal and is pressurized with CO2. This spray contains a non-toxic vegetable dye to assist in identifying assailants. Effects of the pepper spray are pain as well as inflammation of the eyes, nose and respiratory system.

“The Wildfire 18% formula is one of the hottest, and more importantly, the fastest reacting spray we’ve ever tested. This spray immediately permeates the pores of the skin, closes the eyes, and inhibits the respiratory system. What makes this product so effective is the purity of the pepper used in formulating this product…only food grade 3 million or 4 million Scoville Heat Units pepper used.”

Larry Harris, Washington Labs.

Wildfire Pepper Spray Available Options

What makes Wildfire pepper spray even better is its variety and versatility. Wildfire pepper spray can be purchased in the classic 1/2 ounce Wildfire pepper spray 4 ounce foggerkeychain pepper spray models, a 1.5 ounce keychain model, 4 ounce models, 9 ounce models and 16 ounce models. It is also available in both pepper spray stream and pepper spray fogger units as well as a variety of colors. There is also a brand new pepper gel formulation that is sticky and comes in 2, 4 and 9 ounce models. Pepper spray gel can be kept inside the home and is ideal for usewildfire pepper spray one pound firemaster indoors and in enclosed areas. When used correctly, you do not have to worry about over-spray and contaminating all of the air as it shoots only in the direction sprayed and will not effect those outside the target area. Pepper gel can be used outdoors for self-defense as well. The pepper gel sticks like glue to an attacker. When an attacker tries to wipe or rub it off, it begins to permeate the skin to leave your attacker in intense pain.

Wildfire Pepper Spray Additional Information

All of the Wildfire pepper spray models include instructions for use on each unit and are made in the USA.

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Cell Phone Stun Guns

Few inventions in non lethal self defense have been quite as useful or innovative as the cell phone stun gun. It’s the perfect disguise for a small hand-held electronic self defense device. The similarity in size and shapes of stun guns and cell phones make the cell phone stun guns a perfect disguise. It allows a potential victim to easily contact their attacker before they even realize what hit them. Who would go out of their way to avoid being touched by a cell phone? If anything, an attacker might try to grab it thinking their victim is trying to call 911. That might even be a good way to use it against an attacker. Threaten to call 911 and as your attacker tries to grab your phone from you, give him a jolt he won’t soon forget.

Cell phone stun guns come in a variety of styles and colors. One of the most popular is the Pretender 950,000 Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun which comes in a black/silver model as well as a pink model for women. The other is the Stun Master Cell Phone stun guns.

The Pretender Cell Phone Stun Guns

The PRETENDER 950,000 Volt CELL PHONE STUN GUN looks just like a camera cell phone, but it’s not. It’s a powerful 950,000 volt stun gun. This stun gun will really give you the edge since an attacker will think you are just carrying a cell phone. It comes with a very bright built-in 12 LED flashlight. To prevent accidental discharge, two levels of safety have been built in. The safety switch must be in the on position (this will cause an LED warning light to come on) and the trigger button pressed before the unit will operate. It operates on 3 CR2 batteries which are included FREE. A FREE holster is also included. The unit measures 4 inches tall x 2 inches wide x 1 inch thick. With a suggested retail price of only $69.95, it’s an affordable self-defense option for any budget.

Please Note! The Pretender Cell Phone Stun Guns Have Just Been Upgraded!


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Stun Master Cell Phone Stun Guns

Stun Master, a recognized leader in the stun gun industry, also has two models of cell phone stun guns available. The first is the Four Function Stun Master 800,000 Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun. It has a unique design which gives you a tactical advantage. Because it looks like a harmless cellphone, it will be easy to surprise an attacker. One of the stand out features of this stun gun is the disabling wrist strap. If an attacker takes the stun gun from you while you are wearing the wrist strap, it will disconnect from the stun gun and disable it completely. Has a 100dB Alarm, a bright Flashlight, a Disabling Wrist Strap and uses 2 CR-123A Lithium batteries which are included FREE ($8.00 value). FREE holster included ($10.00 value). 4.5 inches tall x 1.75 inches wide x 1 inch thick. The suggested retail price of this item is only $59.95 making it another affordable choice in personal protection.

800,000 Volts electric shock                                                   Super bright LED flashlight

Stun Master 4 Function Stun Gun

100dB high pitch tone alarm                                                   Immobilizing Wrist Strap

Their next model of cell phone stun gun is even more affordable with a suggested retail price of only $44.95.  This is a basic single function 800,000 volt cell phone stun gun without all the extras that come with their four function model. It is merely a stun weapon without the built-in flashlight, personal alarm and disabling wrist strap. The real downside to this model is that if your attacker is able to pull it away from you, it could be used against you. If you are confident that you can use it effectively and keep it from getting into your attackers hands, it might be worth it to you to save a few dollars.

The STUN MASTER 800,000 Volt CELL PHONE STUN GUN is very easy to use. Turn the safety off, touch your assailant with the end of the stun gun and press the trigger (round button on keypad). Because it looks like a harmless cell phone, it will be easy to surprise your attacker. Remember, the purpose of this stun gun, and all other non-lethal self defense products, is to give you time to escape. Use the cell phone stun gun, then run for safety. Don’t stand around waiting to see if your attacker is going to get back up. Uses 2 CR-123A Lithium batteries (not included). A free nylon holster with belt loop is also included. The unit measures 4.75 inches tall x 2.13 inches wide x 1.25 inch thick. Available in red and blue.

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pink self defense weapons for women banner


Pink Self Defense Weapons For Women: Pepper Spray And Stun Guns

It’s about time someone thought of women when creating their lines of self defense weapons. Now everybody is! Everyone from Mace and Pepper Shot to Taser International are making their pepper spray or stun guns and tasers  with a model that comes in pink. Mace offers a keychain pepper spray unit as well as their Mace  pepper spray gun in pink.

Pink Self Defense Weapons For Women Related Videos

Pepper Gun Informational Video

Mace Pepper Gun Commercial

The Runt mini stun guns now come in pink. The popular Pretender disguised cell phone stun gun now comes in pink as well. pink runt stun gunThere is also a lipstick pepper spray available that is disguised as lipstick and comes in a variety of colors. You can get them in black, pink, blue, red, and silver! Watch the video:

Lipstick Pepper Spray

Pink Self Defense Weapons For Women Additional Information

For all the women out their that need to carry a personal self defense weapon, you can now rest assured knowing  that you can do it in style. Interested in non-lethal self defense weapons that come in pink?  Just click on the pictures of each item for a full price and product description or visit us here to see them all!

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How To Use A Stun Gun Step By Step


1) Have the stun gun ready in your hand if you know you are in a dangerous area or may be in a dangerous situation.

Additional Information:

2) Turn the stun gun on and do not touch the trigger until you are ready to use the stun gun.

3) Hold the prongs away from you, making sure it does not touch any part of your body. If the gun touches you, you can  be temporarily incapacitated.

4) Hold the stun gun against the attacker’s hip, shoulder or core of body before firing it. These are the best areas to target to incapacitate your attacker.

5) Hold the trigger down until the attacker is downed.

6) Run to safety and call 911.

How To Use A Stun Gun Properly Additional Information

Make sure to test your stun gun frequently. Touch the prongs to something metal after turning the gun off to release any residual charge. Keep extra batteries on hand so your stun gun will always be ready to use. Regularly check your stun gun to make sure the batteries are fully charged.

OK! You Know How To Use A Stun Gun Now And Want More Information?

You Can Check Out All Of Our Top Brands Like Stun Master, The Runt, Zap, Zforce, Barracuda and more…

Many Include Holsters & Lifetime Warranties. Check them out now!

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Why Buy Pepper Spray?

pepper spray gun

Pepper spray has become a very popular self defense weapon. Unlike handguns, there is a very small investment needed to buy pepper spray. Although pepper spray does not have immediate stopping power like a large caliber handgun, it is effective enough to bring most attackers to their knees in just a few seconds. Just one, one second burst is usually enough to cause serious pain and discomfort. Just look at the effects it had on this “victim” that volunteered to get sprayed!

The effects can last up to 45 minutes. This gives a victim plenty of time to get away from a dangerous situation. Most people are much more comfortable using a weapon with no permanent effects on an attacker.

Pepper spray can be delivered many ways. The most common form of delivery is through a small stream spray unit carried on a holster or keychain. There are also larger spray units up to 16 ounces which can be carried in a holster or by hand. Many pepper spray manufacturers also have fog, foam and gel forms of pepper spray with each form having it’s own unique advantages and disadvantages. There is also a pepper spray gun available which sprays like an aerosol in a continuous fashion from any angle. The pepper spray gun will even fire upside down and has an LED light for better aim. Pepper spray is also available in ordinary objects like walking weights, lipstick and pagers. Pepper spray grenades are available for use in crowd disbursement and clearing out small spaces or structures.

If you go to buy pepper spray you will see that there are several brands of pepper spray on the market today. Mace is probably the most well known, but there are several other brands like Wildfire pepper spray and Pepper Shot pepper spray to name a few.

Check Local Restrictions Before You Buy Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, but a few states have restrictions on the purchase or possession of pepper spray.  If you are considering purchasing pepper spray, you must first check the laws in your area to make sure it is legal to own and carry. Some states just restrict how much can be carried (California) or the percent of active ingredient allowed in the spray (Michigan).  New York residents may only buy pepper spray from licensed gun dealers or pharmacists in that state. It is illegal to buy pepper spray over the internet if you live in Michigan, New York, Wisconsin or Massachusetts.

Want To Buy Pepper Spray?

Assuming you live in one of the majority of states that allows you to buy pepper spray on the internet, the internet is absolutely the best resource to browse and shop for all different types and brands of pepper spray on the market. The prices are also very good with so much competition available within just a few clicks of your mouse. Every type and brand of pepper spray can be found easily. If you want to buy pepper spray you can browse and buy several types and brands right now by clicking the link below !


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Stun Guns, Tasers And Pepper Spray

Hi! In this post I’ll explain non-lethal self defense alternatives available for personal protection. There are many reasons to pay attention to non-lethal self defense options. As for myself, I was first interested in my childhood after being jumped at a New Year’s Eve fireworks display. My friends, one of my friend’s father and myself were jumped by a street gang. We believe it was more racially motivated as they did not try to get any money, but yelled racial slurs as they jumped us and broke a Kahlua bottle over one of my friend’s head. He went to the hospital that night to receive much needed stitches. I forgot about the experience and found myself in the position of being held at gun point in an armed robbery just a couple years ago. Needless to say, I became interested in ways to be prepared for unexpected violent crime that could happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime. This time it happened in a nice, new, quiet neighborhood. The last place I would have expected. The robbers weren’t from the neighborhood, but followed me in at a distance by car and jumped me when I least expected it. The fact is, these types of unexpected crimes and occurrences like hate crimes and home invasions are on the rise and they often happen in very nice areas and neighborhoods. The last place many people would expect.

There are many forms of non-lethal weapons available today. Lethal weapons are always an alternative, but I prefer to explain non-lethal weapons as most people (including myself) are more comfortable having something that will protect them, without the added baggage and legal implications that could come from using a more lethal self defense weapon like a firearm. The main non-lethal weapons available for self defense today are stun gunstasers and pepper spray. Stun guns, tasers and pepper spray are all available in many forms with many different options. Here are there definitions:

  • Stun Gun – A stun gun is a self defense weapon which delivers a non-lethal (painful) high voltage electric shock meant to temporarily immobilize and incapacitate an attacker. The traditional stun gun is a close quarters weapon which must make contact with a target.
  • Taser- A Taser is a trademarked name for a stun gun manufactured by Taser International which delivers a non-lethal high voltage electric shock by firing darts connected by wires to deliver the electricity. It’s not necessary for the darts to penetrate the skin for it to deliver the shock. It will go directly through an attacker’s clothing.
  • Pepper Spray- A nonlethal spray made with the pepper derivative oleo-resin capsicum; used to cause temporary blindness and irritation of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract. Used in self defense against people and animals as well as crowd control. Can also be delivered in gel, foam and cloud or “fogger” forms.
stun master stun guns hot shot stun gun

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Stun guns, tasers and pepper spray all have unique advantages and disadvantages. Some can be stronger or shoot farther than others.

wildfire keychain pepper spray black

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Stun Guns

Stun guns come in a variety of voltages starting at around 80,000 volts and going up to over 1,000,000 volts. The voltage of a stun gun is equivalent to the speed at which the electricity travels. The higher the voltage of the stun gun, the easier it is for a shock to pass through an attacker’s clothing. The amps are equivalent to the power behind the shock. Most stun guns are set at around 3 amps. It typically takes over 100 amps to kill a person. Stun guns should still never be used on the very young or someone with a weak heart or heart condition. They could be affected differently than a healthy adult. Stun guns come in many forms and styles. There are the traditional hand held stun guns which could be carried in a pocket, purse or holster. There are also miniature stun guns and stun stick stun guns which are more easily concealed. Baton and flashlight stun guns have also become quite popular. Even more interesting styles like the stun knuckles stun gun (watch the video) have recently become available. A stun gun will incapacitate an attacker, but it must come in direct contact. Stun guns are not legal everywhere. Anyone considering purchasing a stun gun should check local laws in their area before buying or ordering.

The Knuckle Stun Gun



Tasers work much like a traditional stun gun except that they “shoot” with a trigger mechanism much like a traditional hand gun. It is not just a close quarters weapon like a traditional stun gun and can shoot out towards it’s target. The most popular C2 Taser model made for a civilian self defense weapon shoots up to 15 feet, but can also be used as a contact stun device or traditional stun gun. The major difference between civilian models and police models is that the police models shoot farther than the civilian C2 and M18 Tasers. Taser International requires a background check to be performed for purchasers of the C2 Taser. They charge $9.95 for this and the taser can not be activated until the background check is passed. The background check is performed after purchasing via telephone or the internet. It’s probably a good idea to not buy a C2 Taser unless you are sure you can pass the background check. You can see some videos on the C2 Taser below.

The C2 Taser

The C2 Taser In Action


Pepper Spray

Pepper spray can come in many forms and sizes. The most common form for personal self defense comes as a small spray container made to fit on a keychain, in a purse or a small holster. There are spray containers ranging from 1/2 ounce to up to 16 ounces. Pepper “spray” can also come as a foam, gel or cloud formula in similar small containers. Each form has it’s advantages in specific situations. Pepper foam can be advantageous where air circulation and cross contamination is a concern. for this reason it is ideal for use indooors (hospital security, hotel security) or anyplace indoors where exposure to pepper spray can cause breathing problems or panic. A pepper “cloud or fog” formula would be better for outdoor use or for crowd disbursement. Pepper gel is similar to foam in that it will stick to a target like the pepper foam and is less contaminating than other forms. Besides small spray type containers, pepper spray can come in a pepper spray gun, pepper spray grenades for crowd disbursement and clearing buildings as well as other forms of delivery like walking weights, lipstick containers and pepper pagers. Check out the video below for the Mace Hot Walkers pepper spray walking weights:

As with all self defense weapons, pepper spray should only be used in life threatening self defense situations. There is no perfect “non-lethal” weapon and although extremely rare and debatable, even pepper spray has been blamed for deaths.

The Mace Pepper Spray Gun

For more information about non-lethal self defense visit our other page at SelfDefenseItems.blogspot.com or shop for it now by clicking the link below.

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The Popular Barracuda BC-10 Stun Gun

barracuda bc-10 stun gun

The Barracuda BC-10 stun gun, although not one of the latest models, has continued to be one of the most popular stun guns in the 30 day money back guaranteeBarracuda product line up. The Barracuda BC-10 stun gun is second now only to the popular new 3.7 million volt Barracuda BC-37 stun gun. A pairing of the old school design with new school technology gives consumers the old school style that they prefer with the same technology and power of the high tech stun guns of today. With plenty of power to take your attacker down, the Barracuda BC-10 stun gun also features a built-in 80db personal alarm, 2 position safety switch which allows the stun gun and personal alarm to be used separately or simultaneously, safety disable pin wrist strap, belt clip attached to the stun gun, and nylon weave holster with belt loop. The Barracuda BC-10 stun gun is powered by two ordinary 9 volt batteries, but the manufacturer recommends energizer batteries be used for best results. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee and a 5 year manufacturer warranty that covers the entire unit.

Barracuda BC-10 Stun Gun Technical Specifications

  • 1 Million Volts/1000KV
  • 2 Nine Volt Battery Operated
  • Built-In 80dB Alarm that works independently of the toggle trigger.
  • Two position safety switch – Both Stun Gun & ALARM CAN BE USED SEPARATELY OR TOGETHER.
  • Separate toggle trigger to fire the stun gun.
  • Safety/disable pin with wrist loop.
  • Belt clip attached to stun gun.5 year warranty
  • Durable nylon weave holster with belt loop.
  • Size: 6” X 2 ½” X 1 ¼”
  • 5 year warranty that covers the entire unit.

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Barracuda BC-10 Stun Gun

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