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InstaBlade Free Credit Card Pocket Knife & Survival Skills Book. Act Now While Supplies Last.

InstaBlade Credit Card Pocket Knife National Promotion   Get your free credit card pocket knife with surgical steel blade and free survival skills book today. Survival Life is having a national promotion to introduce people to their company and what they do….
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Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Guide – “Bulletproof Home Defense Program” – Survive A Violent Crisis

The Bulletproof Home Defense Program   Click here if you are looking for the Bulletproof Home Defense program download by Steve Walker. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING POST MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME VIEWERS! THE CONTENT IN THIS POST CONTAINS SCENES OF…
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Wildfire Pepper Gel – The Gold Standard In OC Spray Gel Formulation

Why Is Wildfire Pepper Gel The Absolute Best Gel Formulated OC Spray That Money Can Buy?                 Wildfire pepper spray was already the best, most effective and hottest pepper spray on the market…. Then…
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The New Barracuda BC-37 Stun Gun 3.7 Million Volt Rechargeable

  HAS DONE IT AGAIN! The New Barracuda BC-37 Stun Gun Some of the best stun guns on the planet just got better with the release of the new Barracuda BC-37 3.7 million volt rechargeable stun gun. The hugely popular…
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The New Pink Runt Stun Guns

The New Pink Runt Stun Guns Are Here! For All of you ladies out there that would like a personal protection device that will protect you in a dangerous encounter and be fashionable too, the popular Runt 4.5 million volt stun gun…
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How To Choose The Best Self Defense Weapon

Choosing A Self Defense Weapon There are many things to consider when choosing a self defense weapon. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of available options and things that need to be considered when choosing a personal self…
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Your First Best Self Defense Weapon – Dial 911 – Your Cell Phone Can Save Your Life!

Your Best Self Defense Weapon Less than 24 hours ago, I found myself in a dangerous situation while taking a 3 mile walk for some exercise. Less than a mile from my residence a stranger unexpectedly came from behind and…
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The NEW Stun Master Hot Shot 4.5 Million Volt Stun Gun Reviewed

 The New Stun Master Hot Shot Stun Gun The popular Stun Master Hot Shot stun gun has just been improved. The once powerful 975,000 volt stun gun just got upgraded to an even more powerful 4.5 million volt shocker. The…
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Personal Alarms: The Most Non-Lethal “Weapon” & Protection Against Attack

Personal Alarm Protection Probably the most non-lethal self defense and personal safety item that can be carried today is the personal alarm. Although it is usually not thought of as a weapon, personal alarms can be very effective tools in…
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Reviews: Wildfire Pepper Spray 18% OC – HOT! HOT! HOT!

Wildfire Pepper Spray When it comes to sheer stopping power in a pepper spray, nothing comes close to the Wildfire line of 18% 0leo resin capsicum sprays. Wildfire pepper spray truly is HOT, HOT, HOT. This spray is made from a…
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Cell Phone Stun Guns Reviewed – Using The Element Of Surprise! The Pretender & Stun Master

Cell Phone Stun Guns Few inventions in non lethal self defense have been quite as useful or innovative as the cell phone stun gun. It’s the perfect disguise for a small hand-held electronic self device. The similarity in size and…
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Nonlethal Pink Self Defense Weapons For Women! Pepper Spray & Stun Guns! Pretty In Pink!


How To Use A Stun Gun Properly. Using Your Stun Gun Effectively.

How To Use A Stun Gun Step By Step   1) Have the stun gun ready in your hand if you know you are in a dangerous area or may be in a dangerous situation. Additional Information: 2) Turn the…
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Buy Pepper Spray For Self Defense

Why Buy Pepper Spray? Pepper spray has become a very popular self defense weapon. Unlike handguns, there is a very small investment needed to buy pepper spray. Although pepper spray does not have immediate stopping power like a large caliber…
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Stun Guns, Tasers & Pepper Spray: Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons

Information on non-lethal self defense alternatives for personal self defense and protection to include stun guns, tasers and pepper spray.

The NEW 10 Million Volt Runt Rechargeable Stun Gun With Light & Disable Pin

The latest in the Runt stun guns are available now. It is a compact 10 million volt model with led light and disable pin with a rubberized coating and free holster. According to the manufacturer, this model puts out 4.5…
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The One Million Volt Barracuda BC-10 Stun Gun

  The Popular Barracuda BC-10 Stun Gun The Barracuda BC-10 stun gun, although not one of the latest models, has continued to be one of the most popular stun guns in the Barracuda product line up. The Barracuda BC-10 stun gun…
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