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How To Use A Stun Gun Properly. Using Your Stun Gun Effectively.

How To Use A Stun Gun Step By Step


1) Have the stun gun ready in your hand if you know you are in a dangerous area or may be in a dangerous situation.

Additional Information:

2) Turn the stun gun on and do not touch the trigger until you are ready to use the stun gun.

3) Hold the prongs away from you, making sure it does not touch any part of your body. If the gun touches you, you can  be temporarily incapacitated.

4) Hold the stun gun against the attacker’s hip, shoulder or core of body before firing it. These are the best areas to target to incapacitate your attacker.

5) Hold the trigger down until the attacker is downed.

6) Run to safety and call 911.

How To Use A Stun Gun Properly Additional Information

Make sure to test your stun gun frequently. Touch the prongs to something metal after turning the gun off to release any residual charge. Keep extra batteries on hand so your stun gun will always be ready to use. Regularly check your stun gun to make sure the batteries are fully charged.

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Comments (6)

  1. mini stun guns

    Excellent, ooncise information on the use of stun guns.
    These forms of personal protection are great for anyone but especially those who work nights and have to walk to their car or other form of transportation. They can carry a small stun gun in their hand and be ready for anything.

  2. donjoe

    Here’s a practical question for ya: what if the attacker manages to grab your other hand or in any way come into contact with some part of your body? Wouldn’t zapping him send a large part of the current through YOUR body as well? 🙂

    Seems like a very bad close-quarters weapon if all the attacker has to do is touch you to make it ineffective or turn it against you.

    1. nonlethalselfdefense (Post author)

      The current WILL NOT pass on to you even if the attacker is touching you, as long as you do not touch the prongs to yourself. Most stun guns come with a safety strap feature that goes around your wrist. If an attacker takes the stun gun away from you, the wrist strap pulls a pin out which disables the stun gun making a stun gun a very good close quarters non-lethal weapon.

  3. Self Defense Items

    I always recommend a warning first of “Back Off” and displaying the stun gun while discharging. Sometimes the sight and sound alone is enough to scare the bad guys away.

  4. Peter @ Stun Guns

    I am the householder in our family and I need to protect my family at all times. The safety of my family is my priority.

    Even though we are good citizens, there are always bad people in the streets or in the neighborhood that could come near and hurt us so that I bought them protection like stun guns for me and my son, and liquid pepper spray for my daughter and wife.

    I do not want any regrets. And we bought it to protect ourselves and to not to hurt people, I always told my family.

    I hope that your families are always alright. Thank you for this site. And lets hope for the best for our families and for our society.

  5. jack

    Good value here!

    Never used a stun gun before but know many who does own one. As always I believe using any self defence weapon as a last result. If you are being attack then use it. But if you can talk sense into the other person or either threaten him with the use of a weapon, then that is the route to take before taking the use of any weapon.


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