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The One Million Volt Barracuda BC-10 Stun Gun


The Popular Barracuda BC-10 Stun Gun

barracuda bc-10 stun gun

The Barracuda BC-10 stun gun, although not one of the latest models, has continued to be one of the most popular stun guns in the 30 day money back guaranteeBarracuda product line up. The Barracuda BC-10 stun gun is second now only to the popular new 3.7 million volt Barracuda BC-37 stun gun. A pairing of the old school design with new school technology gives consumers the old school style that they prefer with the same technology and power of the high tech stun guns of today. With plenty of power to take your attacker down, the Barracuda BC-10 stun gun also features a built-in 80db personal alarm, 2 position safety switch which allows the stun gun and personal alarm to be used separately or simultaneously, safety disable pin wrist strap, belt clip attached to the stun gun, and nylon weave holster with belt loop. The Barracuda BC-10 stun gun is powered by two ordinary 9 volt batteries, but the manufacturer recommends energizer batteries be used for best results. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee and a 5 year manufacturer warranty that covers the entire unit.

Barracuda BC-10 Stun Gun Technical Specifications

  • 1 Million Volts/1000KV
  • 2 Nine Volt Battery Operated
  • Built-In 80dB Alarm that works independently of the toggle trigger.
  • Two position safety switch – Both Stun Gun & ALARM CAN BE USED SEPARATELY OR TOGETHER.
  • Separate toggle trigger to fire the stun gun.
  • Safety/disable pin with wrist loop.
  • Belt clip attached to stun gun.5 year warranty
  • Durable nylon weave holster with belt loop.
  • Size: 6” X 2 ½” X 1 ¼”
  • 5 year warranty that covers the entire unit.

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Barracuda BC-10 Stun Gun

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Comments (7)

  1. business review

    When we looked for quality stun guns for our customers, we were drawn to the guns with high voltage, cool colors, accessories, and designs.

  2. search engine marketing

    While I can understand the appeal of the stun gun and it’s ability to harm without doing permanent damage, if your goal is protection, I would like to recommend getting a real firearm if you are a state that allows it. Bullets tend to have less play room with whether or not they’ll fend off an attacker. Of course, if you aren’t allowed to carry where you live, then disregard, but if you don’t have a good test subject around to see how well your stun gun works, then pick up a small .38 or 9mm instead.

  3. gold account

    This model is perfect for those who prefer the old style stun gun. This personal stun gun combines old style appearance with new style technology for an amazing 1,000,000 volts/1,000 kv of stopping power. These are some of the most powerful personal stun guns available. We back all three Barracuda personal stun gun models with a lifetime replacement warranty. Just return the defective model with proof of purchase and we will replace it FREE OF CHARGE, return shipping included.

  4. Grace A. Melton

    The purpose of the toggle trigger is to activate the stun gun. By pressing down on the toggle trigger, the stun gun will fire, only when the safety/disable pin is inserted and when the safety on/off switch is in the middle or up position. Never test fire the stun gun for more than one second. Doing so can damage the stun gun and void the warranty.

  5. Rosario S. Gamble

    You see, amperage is what actually “STUNS” someone. And, amperage is what the voltage delivers. The amperage penetrates into muscles and causes them to spasm and fatigue and give out. A higher amperage means a quicker fatigue. And, all Barracuda Stun Guns deliver the same amperage. They all deliver approximately 4.5 milliamps of current. Most other “good” stun guns deliver about 3 milliamps. And, many models, especially the stupidly high 5 million, 7 million, 10 million volt models deliver far less.

  6. Roland Reynolds

    This is a very powerful weapon that is ideal to fend of an attacker. The shear audible blast emitted with a 1 second discharge across the electrodes is enough to strike fear into any attacker including viscous dogs. This BC 30 is probably one of the most powerful stun guns made in the world and the electric discharge will flow right through heavy winter jackets. Pricing Below!

  7. Claude K. Harrison

    The Barracuda BC-10 produces a whopping 1,000,000 volts and averages 4 to 4.5 milli-amps. The Barracuda BC-10 stun gun uses 2 nine volt batteries and is perfect for those that prefer the “old style” stun gun. This model also features a built in 80Db personal alarm can can be used either with or without the stun gun. Please note that it is illegal to ship stun guns to: Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Annapolis MD, Baltimore MD, Denison/Crawford County IA, District of Columbia, Philadelphia.


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